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Entrepreneurs of the World: It’s time we seek a more perfect Union between Purpose and Profit. Join the movement to build a better form of Capitalism that rewards all stakeholders. Be a part of Mission Corps!

Capitalism began 244 years ago when Scottish economist Adam Smith wrote The Wealth of Nations, and the greatest economic system the world has ever known was born. But somewhere along the way, over the last 20 years, it has gone off the rails a bit. The invisible hand of the market has become the invisible hand of greed and zero-sum gains with scorched earth policies from investors.

We believe we can do better, and that capitalism can change and improve through you—the entrepreneur and leader.

Entrepreneurs fix things.

We can fix and improve capitalism by building successful companies that are examples of purpose, service-led leadership and act on these principles from their actions or declarations as companies.

It’s called The Mission Corps (M Corps for short!)—and together we can build a better, more contemporary form of capitalism that will change the world.

Be a Mission

The marriage of profit and purpose is at the core of Mission Corps.

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We believe businesses and entrepreneurs can and will change the world, and that there’s a new way to build companies. We envision a new form of Entrepreneurial-based capitalism that rewards all stakeholders, not by simple words but in strategy and structure.

We see capitalism as the greatest economic force the world has ever known—but it must be implemented more abundantly, purposefully, and fairly to continue the next 250 years. Welcome to the Mission Corps.

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The 7 Declarations

Driving the Mission in Mission Corps, we’ve developed a set of specific commitments which will enable the organizations that join the “M Corps” to manage their corporate, capital, and operational structures.

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Learn more about Mission Corps & how you can Fly the Flag.