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    The Mission Corporation articulates an ambitious goal. To address the short-comings of American capitalism, we must maximize its core strength: the entrepreneurial spirit. The authors call for a new generation of entrepreneurs to make solving problems facing humanity a business’ reason for being. They envision a capitalism where the desire to improve the quality and equality of human lives drives product innovation, and transforms how businesses are funded, how they operate, and how success is measured. Changes our society needs can come from changing how we build our small businesses from the ground up, one company at a time. Every entrepreneur and business owner should read this important book.


    Howard Schultz
    Former CEO & Chairman Emeritus

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    Michael and Michael capture a very important idea: purpose and profits do not have to be at odds with one another, and businesses can and must be a force for good.


    John Donahoe
    President & CEO

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    The most impactful businesses of the future will combine profits with purpose. Entrepreneurs who understand this will attract better employees and more loyal customers — and generate greater returns for shareholders. Mission Corps provides a roadmap for a new generation of impact entrepreneurs.


    Steve Case
    Former CEO

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    Mission Corps is a dramatic shift in the purpose of the entrepreneurial aspersions of our next generation of leaders! By ‘Balancing The Corporation’ they give purpose to more than P&L’s . They marry the need for profitability and growth with social need and sustainability. Mission Corps is a must read for young and old entrepreneurs who wonder why we do what we do.


    Ira Lubert
    Independence Capital Partners

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    The Mission Corporation is a clarion call for the fundamental belief that business can and should be a force for good, and provides a thought-provoking view of how to create a better, more sustainable world for all. Emerging next generation leaders are embracing the pathways Michael Moe and Michael Carter have so clearly articulated, leading with purpose-led, entrepreneurial mindsets. These shifts will only accelerate in the innovation economy: the rest of us are well-advised to catch up.


    Rachael Jarosh
    President & CEO

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    Mission Corps is a road map for a future in which all stakeholders win. Businesses do right by doing good — by spreading wealth, by focusing on merit, by helping improve the communities they serve. The Mikes — Moe and Carter — have given all of us an inspiring look at what can be.


    Whitney Shaw
    CEO & President
    American City Business Journals

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    Perfectly timed, Mission Corp is a provocative book on the future of capitalism and entrepreneurship, especially at this time when capitalism itself is under attack on many fronts. Mission Corp points out that a key strength of corporations everywhere is the entrepreneur’s creativity which serves as the catalyst and a driving force of corporate innovation, purpose and eventual profitability. A timely and must read for all C suite members.


    Admiral Tom Lynch
    U.S. Navy (Retired)

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    Economists have shown that when entrepreneurs innovate to disrupt and improve laggard industries, they create so much wealth for society that their company’s profits represent only a small fraction of the total value of their innovations. Mission Corps explains how the next generation of entrepreneurs will build their success on innovative solutions to society’s most challenging problems.


    Joe Lonsdale
    Palantir Technologies & 8VC

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    The joy of working at Forbes is access to innovative entrepreneurs and CEOs. The best are leading deep digital transformations to stay “future-fit.” But they don’t stop there. They also embrace leadership and cultural changes built on purpose, empathy, transparency and inclusion. Without a doubt, the pandemic has prioritized this new way of leadership.


    Authors Michael Moe and Michael Carter warn there is no returning to old ways if we are to save the world from today’s brutal late-stage capitalism that pits people and nations against each other. Moe and Carter are right. The world is at a crossroads. One road leads to more tribalism, resentment, political extremism, and violence. The other leads to a new enlightenment era of freedom, human creativity, and expanding prosperity for all.


    The Mission Corporation is a terrific treatise, and it has arrived at a most needed time in human history.


    Rich Karlgaard
    Editor-at-Large / Futurist
    Author of Late Bloomers

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    Michael Moe and Michael Carter have, I believe, correctly observed that our capitalistic system is in need of revision. In general, it has evolved into a dysfunctional system, in which the “best and the brightest” work to accumulate wealth, regardless of their extent to which their efforts benefit society as a whole. Wealth distribution ends up polarized to a greater extent than we have experienced for decades. Often as not, successful entrepreneurs feel materially wealthy but spiritually poor. We all fear for our future, environmentally and politically. Moe and Carter propose a different path, which they refer to as “mission-based capitalism,” which they believe will lead to a more equitable distribution of wealth, self-actualization for the individual, greater benefit to society, a sounder environmental and a safer political system, and a brighter future, for all.


    Ken Wilcox
    Former CEO
    Silicon Valley Bank
    Asia Society of Northern California
    Author of Leading Through Culture

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    If there ever was a moment when everything is — and should be — up for debate, it’s right now. With this book, Moe and Carter prod and provoke, and push the reader to reconsider modern business from its most basic principles. For those in search of something to change their way of thinking, The Mission Corporation provides a blueprint that’s at once radical and feasible.


    Jason Kelly
    Chief Correspondent
    Bloomberg QuickTake
    Author of The New Tycoons and Sweat Equity

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    To achieve sustainable success today and in the future economy, authenticity and mission-driven purpose must be anchored into organizational identity. Michael and Michael’s new book, “Mission Corporations” more than delivers on these principles, helping leaders balance ambition and heart to yield profits with purpose.


    Joan Gabel
    University of Minnesota

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    OZY focuses on what’s new and what’s next….here comes Contemporary Capitalism and Mission Corporations!


    Carlos Watson
    CEO & Co-Founder

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    The Mission Corporation by Michael Moe and Michael Carter is an outstanding motivational logic for all who realize that we must build corporations that have net positive impacts on all things. Mission Corps focus on positive outcomes for all forms of capital. Human capital, natural capital and financial capital must all be enhanced by every mission driver corp of the future and Moe and Carter give us the intellectual construct and creative ideas to move forward. This is an important new book for anyone who knows we need to move forward in totally new ways.


    Michael M. Crow
    Arizona State University

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    Like in every game of life, adapting to change is key. The virus and racial injustices has and will change how we flourish or flounder. Michael and Michael’s book gives us ways to make plays and help us all create better outcomes for the new universe. Never stop seeking your purpose and ways to truly impact each and everyone’s Mission moment! Exhaust all that you can! This book will help.


    Ronnie Lott
    Lott Auto Ventures
    NFL Hall of Fame, College Football Hall of Fame, Four-Time Super Bowl Champion

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