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The 7 Declarations

As part of Mission Corps, we will promise to uphold and have implemented the following changes to our corporate, capital, and operational structures:

  1. The company will amend the articles of incorporation and have a stated mission or a “purpose of being” in the business formation documents, as well as on the company’s corporate website. The company will commit to utilize its business platform to impact society or their chosen market in a positive way.

  2. The company will establish an equity or option grant plan of at least 10% whereby every full-time team member will have some form of equity compensation or stock to tie them to the success of the company and its mission.

  3. The company promises to dedicate at least 3% of employee time to social/charitable causes, plus 2% of net income and 1% of revenue or equity to support at least 1 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

  4. The company commits to establishing a merit-based performance culture and establishes core values the team will be measured against for compensation, recognition, and advancement.

  5. The company will commit that the CEO’s base salary will not be more than 20X the base salary of its lowest-paid full-time employee, and it will strive to create a diverse executive team that is blind to race, gender, and ethnicity.

  6. The company has structured a board of directors with at least one outside director beyond the founders of the business, and commits to diversity and inclusion.

  7. The company will commit to investing in human capital and continuing education for all team members to improve their skills, as well as to helping them develop as professionals and citizens to leave a positive impact on society.

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