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The Mission Corps Story

Misson Corps was founded by two good friends and business partners that, over the last decade, noticed the same things happening in society, economies, and in the businesses they knew.

While being ardent believers as entrepreneurs and investors in the powers of capitalism and its inherent growth potential in benefiting the world for the better, they also began to see something change. Capitalism was being hijacked and popularized by a bastardized version of it that put short term profits, decision making sciences, and self-interests above all else.

They believed that the capitalism they grew up with and believed in and that was championed by their hero’s helped the world, didn't hurt it originally. They believed and their research bore that the ones that succeeded despite the odds were the ones that were founder-led, put their mission above all else, and were purpose driven in their actions and deeds not simply words. The ones that succeeded were the ones that cared about their team’s recognition, development, compensation, and equity, putting programs in place structurally to do so. The ones that succeeded were the ones that understood that it was not just about their shareholders but about all their stakeholders and the businesses overall contribution to society.

So Mission Corps was born. The goal of mission corps is to change the world one company at a time by inspiring and providing a roadmap for a new way of entrepreneur led capitalism to take hold. This better form of capitalism (we call contemporary) will take care of all stakeholders; be servant led; be company mission-based; and share the value created more fairly. Mission Corps will usher in a new charter and company structure that will one day be incentivized by our governments and tax systems to reward companies and entrepreneurs for this behavior, not just penalize all businesses for profits and growth.

Capitalism is the greatest economic system the world has ever known but it can and needs to improve. Let's work together and make it even better to ensure it continues the next 250 years, and that fairer outcomes created by entrepreneurs and their businesses are in fact rewarded.

Let’s roll!

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Michael T. Moe

Mission Corps


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